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YINCAA meet with USA State Governor on Summit

                         With the mobile Internet, large data, AI, robot, block chain and other technologies completely subvert the traditional production and organization. Artificial Intelligence, unmanned driving as the most popular topic discussion. YINCAA always insist on the "big car data" concept, YINCAA is catching up with the biggest historic opportunity, but at the same time, Yincaa feel great pressure to participate in the global giants of competition, however the great pressure inspire our team to speed up our product development and innovation.

                       The car network means car inter-network,vehicle to vehicle network and the mobile Internet as the basis, in accordance with the agreed communication protocol and data exchange standards, vehicle to vehicle, to the road, pedestrian and Internet, etc., for wireless communication and information exchange Large-scale system, is able to achieve intelligent traffic management, intelligent dynamic information services and vehicle intelligent control of the integrated network.

                       At this meeting, It is our honor to meet with Mr. RICK.Snyder, the governor of Michigan state. We exchange our both idea on how to build intelligent, interconnected, secure infrastructure in-depth discussion, the two sides said they will continue to strengthen communication and seek cooperation To achieve common development.



                           At this meeting, YINCAA with Michigan's governor, RICK, introduced YINCAA's innovative developments in large automotive data. Among them, YINCAA develop the ADAS, V2V and car networking model has aroused the interest of RICK, and the company's philosophy and technology are recognition and support by Mr.Rick.




                At the summit, YINCAA introduced our concept to the governor Mr,.Rick about our ADAS technology master ability and how to improve people's driving skills and safety awareness, how to lead the driver to travel safely, how to change the traditional innovation model and philosophy, ADAS UBI model bring the benefits to the insurance company & Telecom operators. YINCAA Concept has been supported by the governor RICK. Our ADAS algorithm and the characteristics of the dangerous early warning program are highly supported by the governor. Both of us have profoundly explored the potential cooperation programs for healthy and intelligent driving.