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Baidu return joining Audi BMW and Mercedes-Benz to bid for Nokia Maps

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According to reports, the mobile communications giant Nokia is selling its business HERE map, Audi, BMW and Mercedes

 - Benz and other car firms established rumored bid team currently dominate.IT camp's original Baidu's China car prices or

 backward one.Informed sources told the media a few days ago, in the current automotive manufacturers and IT giants

 and other bid camp,Nokia HERE Maps business tend to be sold to the former, that is, the top three German luxury car

 Audi, BMW and Mercedes,led the bid team. But at the same time, the bid price differences remain, to this end, Nokia

 continued to attract other bidders,in order to put pressure on the car companies to bid team, forcing it to upgrade offer.

KEY WORD : ADAS; automatic driving ;ADAS solution; GPS ;YINCAA;

The parties bidders, the car manufacturers are major users of Nokia Maps technology, is the first group of bidders,

 which may be Nokia's favored car prices bid team reasons. But compared to other bidders, car prices relative to cash

 flow is not sufficient on Nokia HERE Maps business resale price or up to $ 4 billion, it is possible to make car prices falter.

May this year, announced the news, in order to integrate heavily in the acquisition of Alcatel - Lucent, Nokia ready to

 sell has gradually deviated from its core business HERE maps, but tends to continue to hold the shares HERE. Since then,

 car prices,and telecommunications, and other industries appear bidders, and many large companies are bidding team

cooperation. The most important of the two teams, in addition to Audi and other car companies, another group of bidders

 led to Uber, participants also include China Baidu technical departments, as well as Europe's largest private equity firms

 Apax Partners.It is said that there are also involved in the bid, China, Tencent Holdings, Beijing NavInfo Technology Co., Ltd.;

 Swedish investment companies EQTPartnersAB company.

The source also revealed that Baidu originally Uber camp, but could instead invest in car prices, the bid team, because the car

companies to take this chance to thereby expand business in China map.

KEY WORD : ADAS; automatic driving ;ADAS solution; GPS ;YINCAA;