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Audi 's Internet Thinking 2015

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In recent years, the conservative and upgrade inconvenience automotive electronics is the most disappointing issue.

A car can live up to ten years, but the electronic device may be in the car market after 2023 has been significantly

out of date, while car manufacturers by the technology platform restrictions, can not provide the original of upgrade

options. With the car interconnected, the development of intelligent, electronic equipment upgrade cycle has been

much shorter than the traditional automobile mechanical parts, this contradiction must be resolved.

KEY WORD: adas solution ; automotive electronic ; ADAS technology; YINCAA;

Mei Sade says Audi's plan is to develop automotive electronic systems from the overall development of the car

independently to do this, Audi has developed a vehicle-mounted electronic system integrating all MIB modular

infotainment platform. Software and hardware, are representative of the current advanced electronic technology,

for example, it uses a series of quad-core Tegra 3 chip has more than 1GHz clock speed and high-speed graphics

card, you can control two screens, at 80 billion operations per second! And, it is designed to be plug-in board,

so that the market can be achieved with other electronic products, the rapid escalation. This system is not only

very important for Audi, its design is actually for the entire automotive industry is also a sign of change. It uses

a modular concept,so that the life cycle of different systems can co-exist on the same car, which is bound to bring

next spring for automotive electronics.

KEY WORD: adas solution ; automotive electronic ; ADAS technology; YINCAA;

Audi to join Baidu, Huawei, China Mobile, China to ensure that the electronic system is best suited to user needs

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