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Job Opportunity

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1.the implementation of trade business, develop customer and market development;
2.responsible for contacting customers, prepare quotes, participation in business negotiations, the signing of contracts;
3.responsible for production tracking, shipment;
4.responsible for document review, customs clearance, settlement, service and other work;
5.expansion and maintenance of customers;
6.managing and archiving business-related information;
7.reporting work-related business.


1, college and higher education, international trade, business English related major;
2, more than two years of operational experience in the field of trade with foreign work experience is preferred;
3, familiar with the business operating procedures and relevant laws and regulations, with expertise in the field of trade;
4, has a high level of English, a good level of computer operations,
5, has a good business development capabilities and business negotiation skills, public awareness, and has a strong sense of professionalism, team spirit and the ability to act independently, courage and innovation.
6, priority has Google search engine initiative to develop the ability of customers


1.Computer-related algorithm design, development and debugging.
2.Embedded engineers assist algorithm transplant.
1.Mathematics, information and electronic or computer-related professional degree or above;
2.Good theoretical basis for algorithms and data structures;
3.Good theoretical basis of computer vision and pattern recognition;
4.Familiar with C / C ++ programming language and other related;
5.The industry can read the document information in English;
6.Serious and responsible, strong sense of responsibility, have a good team spirit.


1, transplant algorithm, using C / C ++ for code editing and debugging.
2, using the principles Software Now logic hardware connections and preparation of the corresponding software code.
3, the preparation of software design documentation.
1, graduate, electronic related professional, especially good can be relaxed to college.
2, familiar with linux, familiar with the ARM processor architecture, ARM embedded development under proficient. More than three years of relevant experience.
3, can read the basic circuit diagram.